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Song spotlight : What Baking Can Do

In this post, Lily shines a spotlight on her featured song from Waitress - What Baking Can Do!


Singer/Flute/Ukulele Lily Casson

Piano Sid Sonac

Arranger Sue Casson

Recorded & Mixed Lana Banana Studios

Make it work, make it easy, Make it clever, craft it into pieces...


What Baking Can Do is sung by Jenna in the diner when she has just discovered she is pregnant. As she bakes, she remembers the time she spent with her mother as a child, who also escaped her unhappy marriage through baking.

I'll place it on display, And then I'll slice and serve my worries away...


Sara Bareilles' music speaks to the heart of people and makes them feel comfortable in their own skin, which is why I love it so much. In the world of musical theatre, she is extraordinary and here's why.

She writes both music and lyrics. Many shows today are the result of collaboration between lyricists, composers and book writers. She follows in the footsteps of Cole Porter, Stephen Sondheim and Lionel Bart in creating both music and lyrics together unlike famed partnerships such as Rodgers and Hammerstein and Lloyd-Webber and Rice. Her background as a singer songwriter makes her perfectly placed to do this.

She stands out as a woman in my century of song. There are lyric writers such as Dorothy Fields who worked with male counterparts on Broadway musicals on over 400 shows, as well as Nan Knighton and Mindi Dickstein, who continue to work today. But there aren't many who make the breakthrough Bareilles has. Perhaps it's not surprising she cut through with a story of female empowerment.

As a perfomer, she is also uniquely placed to star in her own show stepping in the take over the role of Jenna on Broadway. Can you think of any writer of musical shows who stars in their own work? Tweet me @LilyCasson or comment below this post!

Let's see the next amazing thing baking does now!

Join me in “my own little corner” of the internet next time as I explore another featured musical from 2010s. This time shining a spotlight on a cult Disney film turned fan phenomenon, Newsies. See you next matinee day!