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Song spotlight : The Seamstress

In this post, Lily shines a spotlight on her featured song from The Happy Prince - The Seamstress!


Singer/Flute Lily Casson

Piano Sid Sonac

Arranger Sue Casson

Recorded & Mixed Lana Banana Studios

And for every fine gown at the hunt ball, There's a seamstress at home who's sewn all through the night...


The Seamstress is sung by Pandora, who plays the part of a single mother, sewing ballgowns to support them both. As she sews, she dreams of visiting a ball at the Palace and experiencing the electric atmosphere of a royal event for herself.

Ladies will smile and gentlemen stare, All for the joy of the dresses they wear...



Casson is only the second woman I have featured so far - and like the first, Sara Bareilles she is also a singer-songwriter, a storyteller in song who has created a part for herself in the shows she has written for the stage. Sara Bareilles first made her name in the USA whereas Casson is mostly known in the UK. (You can find out about her other shows in my earlier composer profile here.) In The Happy Prince it was the part of Pandora, and she is one of only three women to have played the role - now including myself.

Her skills as an actor/musician have led to appearances in other shows, including Making History, Betty's Mirror (NTC tour), Mr Sandman, The Lights Twinkle Sometimes (LBC Cafe Theatre) and The Importance of being Earnest (ADG European tour). She also musically directed seasons of the long-running weekly satire Newsrevue.

I made my professional debut in The Happy Prince which is why it's a show close to my heart. It introduced me to the catchy melodies matched by meaningful lyrics that are Casson's hallmark. I feel privileged to often be amongst the first to hear her new songs, and to sometimes have the opportunity to be the first to perform them, and look forward to more of her shows to touch and inspire me.

Find out more about Sue Casson at suecasson.co.uk

People will dance and people will sing, For all the good fortune my ball dresses bring, And I pray as their happiness reaches its height, They remember the seamstress who sews all through the night...

Join me in “my own little corner” of the internet next time as I explore travelling through musicals. See you next matinee day!