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Song spotlight : Even though I cannot die

In this post, Lily shines a spotlight on her featured song from Persephone - Even though I cannot die!


Singer Lily Casson

Piano Sid Sonac

Arranger Sue Casson

Recorded & Mixed Lana Banana Studios

All living things need hope to live, time our element must give to all who live a reason to pull though...


Even though I cannot die is sung by Persephone as she comes to terms with her captivity in the darkness of the Underworld. Although she is immortal, she knows that her life means nothing without the beauty of the natural world.

Without the harvest of the corn, without the rebirth of each dawn, What could my existence mean?



My connection to the music of Sue Casson is deeper than most of the composers I have featured so far, as she is my mum which means I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by her haunting melodies and witty lyrics for the whole of my life. Growing up, I was in awe of her cabaret performances of original songs which range from Cole Porter style patter songs to heart-rending and meaningful words and music that make you think about the world in a different way.

Throughout her career, in addition to writing and performing solo, Casson has worked with collaborators - for Persephone, this was poet Simon Rae with whom she also wrote Requiem, a satirical review of Thatcher's Britain. However, the most significant is my dad, director, and writer, Tom Blackmore, with whom she founded English Cabaret and has developed and produced her major musical stage work. Her songs form the backbone to these shows which tell ideas in story and song.

Her first musical, Two Tigers, about pioneering modernist writer, Katherine Mansfield, was short-listed for the Vivian Ellis prize and selected by musical theatre giants, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice and Don Black, who were on the panel of judges. Casson appearance on the shortlist as the only female composer shows her talent breaking through in a male-dominated field.

I know I'm biased, but for me, Casson's musicals bend and stretch the musical form with their ability to charm and touch with equal weight. Always thought-provoking, her lyrics 'pull no punches' and if it were possible to change the world with song, she'd be the person to do it.

Find out more about Sue Casson at suecasson.co.uk

My spirit know that it would die, without the light, the air, the skies, Without earths joyous cries, I'd die

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