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Show spotlight : The Happy Prince

In today's post, Lily shines a spotlight on Sue Casson's The Happy Prince based on Oscar Wilde's classic fable!


Conceived and directed by Tom Blackmore

Music and lyrics by Sue Casson

Based on Oscar Wilde's short story, The Happy Prince

Premiered at the Old Fire Station, Oxford in 1993


Based on Oscar Wilde's short story, Sue Casson's The Happy Prince tells the story of how a golden statue and a migrating swallow work together to share his wealth - carrying the prince's jewels to the poorest in the city. Magically told by a cast of 4, it is narrated by all powerful storyteller, Chorus, and apprentice, Pandora, who is keen to learn all the tricks of the theatrical trade.

The Happy Prince toured all over the UK after opening at the Old Fire Station in Oxford in 1993. It was revived for its 20th anniversary when I was lucky enough to join the cast as Pandora, performing in Edinburgh, London, and Dublin.


On one of its performances in 1994, The Happy Prince was filmed, and I grew up watching it on repeat, dreaming that I would be able to perform in it myself one day. My dream came true in 2012 when I joined the anniversary cast as Pandora. Oscar Wilde's story told through music and a sprinkle of magic speaks to people in ways that change their outlook and make them think differently about the world around them.


(Bridewell Theatre London 1994)

The Happy Prince : John Herriman

The Swallow : Valerie Weyland

Chorus : Andrew Bolton

Pandora : Sue Casson


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Join me in “my own little corner” of the internet next time as I shine a spotlight on my featured song from The Happy Prince - The Seamstress.

See you next matinee day!