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Show spotlight : Persephone

In today's post, Lily shines a spotlight on a masque in the making based on a Greek myth, Persephone!


Music by Sue Casson

Words by Simon Rae

Based on the Greek Myth, Persephone

Premiered at Grimebourne


A masque in the making, Persephone is based on the Greek myth of how the seasons came to be. She is the daughter of the goddess of the natural world, Demeter, kidnapped by her uncle, Hades, and taken to his Underworld kingdom. Persephone mother's threatens to remove her powers which make the earth fertile unless she is returned, and finally, a compromise is made where her daughter spends half the year with her and the other with Hades.

A collaboration between poet, Simon Rae, and singer-songwriter, Sue Casson, Persephone was introduced at the Arcola Theatre in 2007, as part of the inaugural Grimebourne Festival. For me, Persephone is a modern character, who is inspiring in her fearlessness to fight to protect the beauty of the world she loves.


I have been lucky enough to be part of the development of Persephone, which is a myth that fascinates me as it centres on a strong-willed woman who won't take no for an answer. Its central theme of conservation of the natural world is an issue close to our hearts. Its message of caring for and about the world will be inspirational for audiences in the future.


  • Find out more about Persephone and the story that the masque is based on here.

  • Discover more about the show to date from the composer Sue Casson's website here.

  • Listen to recordings made from the Arcola production here.

Join me in “my own little corner” of the internet next time as I shine a spotlight on my featured song from Persephone - Even though I cannot die.

See you next matinee day!